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Car parks are a necessary feature for many businesses and companies. But without the proper lighting, they quickly become a safety hazard. Car park lighting ensures drivers and pedestrians have adequate visibility, reducing the number of accidents and injuries in your area. It also eliminates shadows to make your car park feel safe and secure even on the darkest nights.

Our team at Jaydub Electrical is here to help illuminate your car park with effective, efficient and affordable lighting solutions. Whether your car park is indoors or out, large or small, we can help!

Indoor Carpark Lighting

Indoor car parks can’t utilise daylight. This means artificial lighting solutions are incredibly important. We offer a variety of lighting options for your indoor car park to ensure it is safe and well-lit. From large overhead parking lights to smaller luminaries for exits, stairs, ramps, walkways and lifts, we have everything you need. Additionally, we carry a wide selection of affordable LED lights intended to help offset the financial and economical cost of running lights all day and night.

Outdoor Carpark Lighting

Outdoor car parks should be well-lit to ensure the safety and security of all your guests, allowing drivers to find and operate their vehicles safely. Bright lighting can also help extinguish shadows, making guests feel safe and increasing security. We’re happy to offer a range of pole-top lighting systems for outdoor car parks of every size and shape.

Jaydub Electrical Services

If you’re looking for professional electricians to provide quality lighting solutions for your car park, garage, residence or community, the Jaydub Electrical team is here to help. Our highly-trained and qualified electricians are dedicated to providing clients with exceptional service.

We’re pleased to have worked on a variety of projects over the years, including West Epping Sports Park’s car park lighting. Learn more about our projects, team and services by calling us today on 02 9620 4764 or submitting an enquiry on our website.

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We are excited to be able to offer this Facility Safety Program (FSP) to your workplace and if you require more information or would like a purpose-built package tailored to your business. Please feel free to contact our office.

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