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Our team of civil electricians can provide a range of electrical services including trenching, cabling, street light wiring and more. No matter the size or scope of the project, we have the tools, talent and knowledge to get it done well. With meticulous attention to detail and professional designs that integrate aesthetics, functionality and sustainability, we can confidently guarantee the perfect electric work for your project.

Street Light Installation and More

Our civil electricians are highly trained to provide a wide array of services, one of the most popular being street light services, which include installation, maintenance, repair, replacements and upgrades. Whether you need to design and install new street lights or to upgrade the current ones, our expert team is ready to help. We’re available for both residential and commercial projects of all sizes and scopes.

The civil electricians here at Jaydub Electric understand how to work as part of a cohesive unit. This makes us the perfect addition to your engineering team as you create strong, durable and functional community spaces.

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Here at Jaydub Electric, we’re proud to be a part of a wide range of projects in the Sydney community, from simple upgrades to complicated designs and installations.

We’re proud to have been involved in designing and installing the lighting solutions for the popular Marsden Park Amenities Block, as well as designing and implementing upgrades for the street lights along Merrylands Main St. Our goal? To help you create beautiful, function and well-lit spaces for the community to enjoy.

If your project requires the help of professional civil electricians, don’t wait to reach out to our team of experts today to get the assistance you need. Call us on 02 9620 4767 or submit an enquiry via our online contact form to tell us more about your project and to learn how we can help you.

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We are excited to be able to offer this Facility Safety Program (FSP) to your workplace and if you require more information or would like a purpose-built package tailored to your business. Please feel free to contact our office.

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